Simon ist Leader in der ENS Serie 2014

Team Xray’s John Ermen made the perfect debut in the Euro Nitro Series as he overcame less than perfect conditions in Austria to win the second round of the new nitro onroad championship.  Having had to miss the season opener in a sunny Italy last month due to clashing date with his National Championship, the Dutch driver would survive the super wet conditions of the Aigen track to win the 45-minute endurance test to win by two laps from Shepherd’s Simon Kurzbuch.  Driving under the Team fahr(T)raum banner local star Michael Klausner completing the podium with his Mugen.  The race saw five different leaders but they would all, including Ermen, suffer from the horrible wet conditions.  Making the perfect start and pulling clear of the field one of the first drivers to fall fowl of water in his engine was Top Qualifier Oliver Mack.  The Shepherd driver would end the race as the last classified finisher in 8th one place behind the Mugen of No.2 qualifier Robert Pietsch.


‘In 25-years of racing this is the first time I have actually finished a wet race’ said a very happy Ermen.  Starting the race from 5th on the grid, his Reds Racing powered RX8 took to the the front of the 13 car field when the engine of Robert Pietsch, who took over the race lead from Mack, started to smother in the water.  Looking in control of things, the former Dutch National Champion would come to a more sudden stop on the track due to a glow plug failure.  Using the unplanned stop to also fit a new dry airbox to his engine, local KM Racing driver Manuel Gremlic the newest leader, Ermen said this set him up well for the remainder of the race.  While he lacked a little in top speed on the straight he said everywhere else the engine was good and he just focused on keeping it going.  This approach would pay off as with around 8-minutes to go Gremlica’s engine would stop, handing Kurzbuch the lead but losing his front body clips he too would be delayed handing the lead back to Ermen for Xray’s first ENS race victory.  Now a serious contender for the inaugural ENS Championship title, Ermen said he is really looking forward to travelling to Hockenheim for round 3 where he joked ‘hopefully it will be a little drier’.


Running the same new wet Kiss tyre as Ermen on his Novarossi powered Velox, Swiss ace Kurzbuch was pleased with second despite losing out on a potential win late on.  Giving up a round of his National Championship this weekend, which took place in dry conditions, the World Championship finalist said everyone had some bad luck in the race which is what happens with racing in the rain.  Starting from 8th on the grid he said when he lost his front body clips on the straight it was lifting making the car very hard to control and this lead to his off that cost him the lead.  On the podium at the season opener today’s result sees him take over the lead of the points standings.



1:8 A-Main Grid Result
1.(5) John Ermen (NL) – Xray/Reds Racing – 121/45:07.694
2.(8) Simon Kurzbuch (CH) – Shepherd/Novarossi – 119/45:06.418
3.(7) Michael Klausner (AT) – Mugen/OS Speed – 118/45:06.961
4.(14)Adrien Bertin (FR) – HB/Orion – 110/45:10.365
5.(12)Manuel Gremlica (AT) – KM Racing/Wordt – 110/45:16.609
6.(6) Lars Hoppe (DE) – Shepherd/Sonic – 109/45:21.061
7.(3) Robert Pietsch (DE) – Mugen/Picco – 104/45:31.971
8.(1) Oliver Mack (DE) – Shepherd/Sonic – 97/45:03.927
9.(2) Michael Salven (DE) – Serpent/Picco – 57/26:04.515
10.(9)Andrea Pirani (IT) – WRC/OS Speed – 42/19:54.105
11.(11)Olaf Engelmann (DE) – Xray/OS -29/35:03.042
12.(10)Mirko Salemi (IT) – BP Racing/Novarossi – 13/5:50.144
13.(4) Daniele Ielasi (IT) – BMT/RB – 13/7:58.183
14.(13)Michal Abrahamek (CZ) – Xray/OS – DNS


2014 Championship Standings after Round 2

1/8th scale Class
1. Kurzbuch Simon - 305pts
2. Pietsch Robert - 302pts
3. Mack Oliver - 298pts
4. Pirani Andrea - 292pts
5. Ielasi Daniele - 291pts
6. Salven Michael - 289pts
7. Klausner Michael - 286pts
8. Salemi Mirko - 282pts
9. Lechner Sabrina - 279pts
10.Vogl Maximilian - 279pts
11.Hedlund Christofer - 258pts
12.Engelmann Olaf - 249pts
13.Günther Maximilian - 246pts
14.Levy Alain - 243pts
15.Müller Torsten - 230pts

Source: REDRC.NET -

Simon Kurzbuch Dritter am 1. ENS in Melzo

Ein super Erfolg für den Simon Kurzbuch. Unter den Topfahrern aus ganz Europa belegt der Jungspunn vom MRCL den 3. Schlussrang. Absolutes Topresultat. Gewonnen hat das Rennen Lamberto Collari und vor Simon war der Robert Pietsch....beides sind notabene Weltmeister in der Klasse 1/8.... das sagt eigentlich schon alles.

Herzliche Gratulation, Simon


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