Simon Pole im Halbfinal B - EURO A 2014

Nach einer starken Trainingswoche und vier trockenen Vorläufen, startet Simon Kurzbuch an der EURO A in Österreich in der Poleposition.

Super Leistung ans KRT Team. Bravo

Jetzt aber volle Pulle aufs Podest...und zuerst natürlich in den Final.


Simon Kurzbuch Zweiter am 3. ENS Race

Robert Pietsch claimed his first win of the inaugural Euro Nitro Series, when in a somewhat reversal of the season opener he won the Hockenheimring event from Top Qualifier Simon Kurzbuch. Top Qualifier in Melzo but having to settle for second behind the No.2 qualifier Lamberto Collari, today starting from second the Mugen driver took a close win over Championship points leader Kurzbuch, who ran out of fuel on the last lap, with Shepherd’s Lars Hoppe completing the podium at the German track.


A race that saw four different leaders, Pietsch was happy to finally get his first win of the championship and set the stage for an exciting title showdown between himself and Kurzbuch at the season finale in Fiorano, Italy.  Top Qualifier of the ENS Pilot Race at the German track last year but losing out on the win to Mark Green, the former World & European Champion said he made a ‘super good’ start but a mistake by Kurzbuch caused them to ‘touch a little’ resulting in the front of his bodyshell getting bent.  With this rubbing off the front tyres on his Picco powered MRX-5, he said he just stayed in behind Hoppe waiting to fix the body at the first fuel stop.  Taking over the lead of the race from Daniele Ielasi at 26-minutes with a nice pass down the inside of the Italian, 10 laps later the Mugen designer would stop for tyres saying that after that he had to control his pace to look after his tyres for the remainder of the race.  This he said was no big issue as he knew at that stage that Kurzbuch would have to do one extra stop than him.  Suffering a small incident in the pitlane when he & Ielasi made contact Pietsch said it was no big problem and overall he was happy with how the race went.

Chrigu, der Champ im Tanken....und Chefstratege bei KRT Racing....voll in action!


Third at the end of the opening lap lead factory Shepherd driver Kurzbuch said he made a bad start due to his engine running rich off the line.  Losing further ground with a mistake over the curbs at the 6-minute mark that would cost him 5-seconds and drop him back another position he said his only option for the race was to ‘push to close the gap’.  Getting very close to Pietsch as the race reached its climax, the gap down to less than two seconds, the Swiss driver would set the fastest lap of the race on his penultimate lap but the sterling effort would take its toll and on the final lap he ran out of fuel due to how hard he was pushing. His third podium of the season, the only driver with a 100% podium finishing record, Kurzbuch wasn’t too disappointed as having secured the bonus TQ point Pietsch has only taken one point out of his championship lead adding it is ‘going to be very exciting in Fiorano’.


Elsewhere it was a very short race for Motonica’s Robin d’Hondt, contact during the rather hectic start leaving his Picco powered P81 with broken rear suspension and he was out after 3-laps.  Top Serpent qualifier Michael Salven would survive a heavy impact in the pitlane with Ielasi but on track contact with the stranded car of Timo Schröder would result in a broken front shock tower.  With his pitcrew fitting a new one to the 977, he would rejoin to finish a distant 10th, with Depta the top Serpent in 7th.

1:8 A-Main Result
1.(2) Robert Pietsch (DE) – Mugen/Picco – 146/45:13.720
2.(1) Simon Kurzbuch (CH) – Shepherd/Novarossi – 145/44:56.836
3.(3) Lars Hoppe (DE) – Shepherd/Sonic – 145/45:11.347
4.(5) Rick Vrielijnck (NL) – Mugen/Picco – 144/45:07.187
5.(4) Daniele Ielasi (IT) – BMT/RB – 140/45:04.212
6.(12)John Ermen (NL) – Xray/Reds Racing – 140/45:06.568
7.(11)Merlin Depta (DE) – Serpent/Picco – 116/38:15.272
8.(8) Timo Schröder (DE) – Shepherd/XRD – 115/45:06.239
9.(10)Maximilian Vogl (DE) – Shepherd/Sonic – 113/35:53.192
10.(6)Michael Salven (DE) – Serpent/Picco – 111/45:00.457
11.(9)Patrick Gassauer (DE) – Serpent/Sonic – 71/45:18.045
12.(7)Robin d’Hondt (BE) – Motonica/Picco – 3/2:35.268

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