ACHTUNG: Piste gesperrt für Verbrenner im Juli

Liebe Verbrenner Chäreler,

Piste gesperrt für Verbrenner vom 13. bis 31. Juli 2015

da wir auf der Langenthaler Strecke im Juli 2015 zwei Rennen haben, wollen wir ein bisschen Rücksicht nehmen auf die Anwohner und haben im Vorstand entscheiden, dass die Piste im Juli wie oben beschrieben für Verbrenner gesperrt ist

Der Vorstand des MRCL

Simon Kurzbuch gewinnt 2. SM Lauf in Aigle

Simon Kurzbuch wins at Swiss On-road Nats Rd2

Last weekend the second round of the Swiss Nitro On-road Nationals was held at the Aigle track. In 1/8th scale, right from the start on Saturday morning Simon Kurzbuch clocked some good laptimes making him one of the favourites of the weekend. After changing to bi-compound tyres he improved his laptimes even more what resulted in a domination over the whole weekend. In the first qualifier Simon posted the fastest time with an 8 seconds gap to the 2nd placed driver and by doing so, he also set a new lap record of 17.358 seconds. After also winning the third and fourth qualifier Simon started from the 1 spot into the 20 minute semi-final where he again set the fastest time which secured him the pole position for the 45 minute main final in front of Shasa Lackner and Silvio Hächler. Continuing his dominant performance in the main Simon drove a flawless race and he crossed the finish line more than one lap in front of Silvio Hächler, with 3rd placed Christophe Pethoud being another 2 laps down.

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