2. Lauf 2018 Tamiya Euro-Cup series


The third weekend of April 2018 (21st to 22nd), the MRCL was honored to host the second race of the Tamiya Euro-Cup series 2018. The results of the races are to be found at the following link: http://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/main?pLa=de&hId[1]=arv&dId[E]=37583&pId[E]=1#.

During the perfect tempered and sunny weather, exciting races was performed by the drivers from early morning until late afternoon. The race categories driven during the weekend spanned from the beginners class Tamiya Buggy up to the Euro GT class. See the following link for more detailed information of each category: http://www.arwico.ch/de-ch/eurocup/kategorien.aspx Some impressions from the weekend are to be found in the following picture gallery: http://www.mrcl.net/index.php/multimedia/bilder/category/17-tamiya-euro-cup-series-2018